Sustainable Landscaping Sacramento Area

With the ongoing drought firmly in our lives and with continuing water restrictions, a large part of our focus has been converting lawn areas into nature friendly outdoor living space.

Our designs provide pathways and sitting areas, with plenty of shade, to both invite nature and conserve water in a sustainable usable environment.

Outdoor Living Areas

Imagine a barbecue area or a fire pit that can bring you and your friends together for a peaceful outdoor experience.

How about a simple front yard with ornamental trees and shrubs?

With the rising cost of water, and water meters coming soon to a home near you, now is the time to consider alternatives to traditional turf lawns. By converting some or all of your lawn to planter beds, there are many benefits beyond protecting the environment.

Other benefits of our water smart landscaping include:

  • Eliminating costly repairs to an aging sprinkler system
  • Reducing your water bill
  • Less need for yard maintenance
  • Little need for fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers
  • No run off in your gutters and into our river system
  • Maybe even toss the lawn mower
  • The grass is not always greener